Monday, April 13, 2015

New Home!


Thanks if you're still visiting this blog. :)

I have moved to a new home:

Please head on over but pardon the "mess".
I'm still organizing posts and figuring out some other widgets.


Mommy T

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lost, Found and In Between


After years of corporate based work, I found myself at a crossroad and had to decide immediately: whether I was still fit to balance work and family or was I going to be more productive doing a consultancy business?

I took a leap of FAITH and a lot of guts and decided to give being a WAHM (sort of) a try and hopefully, as a permanent and successful state.

It's not easy and it's quite challenging. It's NEVER going to be a 9-5 job.

Here's the lowdown when it comes to the "mere concept" and the actual truth behind it:

CONCEPT: Doing consultancy work and having a flexible business gives you freedom to dictate your time

FACT: Half true if you have all the funds that you need to pay all the bills like you used to do (having to know that something specific will come in every payday). But since I literally jumped into my decision, Its not a vacation nor is it a whole time to linger around and do nothing. It's actually more work BUT it's work that I LOVE DOING. So no matter how tight client deadlines are or how gruelling some projects may be, its worth it.

Plus factor: I see my kids when I opt to work from home more often and If I play my cards right, I get to organize meetings, work load and business matters with my partners and set aside time for family.

So begins this new blog post.

It has been forever and I truly missed blogging.

Should be exciting!

Now all I need to do is do a revamp on my blog's look. :)



Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ooh and Gooh!

I've been out of commission as expected for several months.
But I'm getting back to my mission: getting all artsy, crafty, domestic and DIY.

For the longest time, due to busy work schedules and generally, lack of time, I find myself buying commercially made food for my kids and the house.

When I saw that my youngest was getting extra sensitive to the food he eats and with all the junk food they've consumed, it was really time to change things for good.

First, I got the oven I wanted for the longest time.
Second, I got back to baking.
Third, the house is looking better, though so much more things to organize. READ: Garage Sale

So for  now, here's a shameless plug (hehe):

For glam accessories and jewelry that won't hurt the bank:

For HomeMade goodies, custom cakes and pastries, baking tools and supplies:

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Aging Gracefully

With all the junk food I've consumed and the sleepless nights plus add the daily stress, I'm in dire need of a change.

A healthy change!

What I eat, sleeping habits and less stressful situations.

When you're stressed, your skin shows the first signs.

A lot of celebrities turn to plastic surgery, while others really just age gracefully.

It's so hard to tell who went under cosmetic procedures but it's also just amazing to see some of these women:

1. Christy Turlington, 44

I love her! She's not a bombshell or an ultra sexy girl but her beauty is really just easy on the eyes


Wednesday, April 10, 2013


It's been MONTHS!
I know, I have neglected my dear blog.
Seriously annoyed that life was so hectic.
It started last December and it never seemed to have mellowed down.

Well, still the same except that I'm choosing not to be overwhelmed anymore.

Life is too short to get stressed over stuff that's day to day.

I'm thinking of a new look though my HTML skills are a little rusty and I vowed to re-do the blog design on my own as a special project.

I can't wait to start working online again.

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